The Closet Ratchet

#BlackWomenInTechMatter: This woman created an app that allows you to see whether or not a bar or club is poppin’ before heading out!

Have you guys ever planned a night out with friends, expecting the club to be poppin’ only for y’all to get there and it’s dead? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Now you’ve wasted an outfit and just wanna go home at this point, right? 

Well, those days are OVER! My sis @Mookiiee_ created the #IzIt app which boasts four revolutionary features to enhance your nightlife experiences! For starters, the IzIt app will save us all time and energy by allowing us to peek in on local bars and clubs to see whether or not it’s worth going out or staying in.
Secondly, you will be able to purchase tickets to concerts and shows ahead of time and scan your ticket for entry. Thirdly, the IzIt app allows you to order and send drinks from your phone! Instead of waiting in line at a bar, you can bypass everyone. Also, if you‘re unable to make it to a party or an event and want to send a bottle to VIP thats an option you have through this app. 

Lastly, using a zip code, you can search the IzIt app for events and other happenings before making a choice to head out for the night! 

IzIt goes live on Christmas, December 25th and I cannot wait to use it here in Atlanta!


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