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PurpleSea Moss Gel (New & Improved Packaging!)
PurpleSea Moss Gel (New & Improved Packaging!)

PurpleSea Moss Gel (New & Improved Packaging!)

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Hey, guys! I hope you like the new packaging. I switched over to squeeze pouches rather than glass jars to ensure your safety after I caught wind that more orders than usual were arriving broken.

If you noticed, I eliminated the diff size jars. This new packaging will also help to alleviate USPS shipping issues by keeping things the same size. Thank you for your continued support!

Sea moss has 92 out of the 102 vitamins and minerals found in our bodies so it’s great for replenishing your body! This superfood is also great for boosting upper respiratory health, supports weight loss, suppressed appetite and removes mucous from the body. It is washed and soaked 4 times then blended up with water and immediately jarred.

*Refrigerate upon receiving and it will last for up to six weeks* Raw, dehydrated sea moss does not require refrigeration, but it also won’t hurt!

How To Use:

You can take advantage of all of the benefits your sea moss gel has to offer by just adding a spoonful a day to your diet! Many people enjoy it in smoothies or oatmeal, but can also be used in soups, dressings, puddings and even vegan desserts! I encourage you all to get creative and find a way that you enjoy the most! 


Distilled Water, Wild Crafted Sea Moss (St. Lucia)

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