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Iran Vows to Bomb Israel & Dubai If The United States Retaliates Against Today’s Missile Attack

Written By: Taylor Elom

Earlier today, Iran launched two attacks on US Forces housed at Iraqi bases. This comes after Sunday’s developments and the largest funeral procession that many, if not all, of us have ever seen. 
Tehran has vowed retaliation for days since the killing of their top military leader, Qassam Soleimani. The attack tails a statement from the capital city warning of grave consequences. Subsequently, Iranian missiles were placed on high alert in preparation for retaliation.
More than a dozen missiles were launched at these two bases. At first, the amount of casualties and Injuries was not yet clear, but there are confirmed Iraqi casualties. The President, Pentagon, and other national security entities are keep a close eye on the situation and stated:
“We are not looking to start a war with Iran, but we are prepared to finish one," U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said during an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour.” (Source: CNN)
It is now being reported that Iran has threatened to bomb Israel and Dubai should the United States retaliate due to today’s air strike. According to Daily Mail, the Guard issued the warning via a statement. 

“We are warning all American allies, who gave their bases to its terrorist army, that any territory that is the starting point of aggressive acts against Iran will be targeted,” The Guard said.


Stock up on water and essentials and everything else we been telling y’all to for years at this point 😩


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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