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Patients Of An OB/GYN Who Performed Unnecessary Surgeries On Hundreds Of Women’s Uteruses Join Their Attorney Steven L. Washington On Dr. Oz To Discuss The Details Of The Monumental Case

On today’s episode of #DrOz, my buddy attorney Steven L. Washington (@iKnowStevenL) was invited to chime in on a massive lawsuit involving 70 of his clients who are victims of Chesapeake, VA-based OB/GYN #JavaidPerwaiz. 
These women, along with hundreds of others, are accusing Perwaiz of scaring them into performing unnecessary surgeries on/ removals of their uteruses, Fallopian tubes and cervixes based on false diagnoses of cancer, fibroids and other various gynecological anomalies. He had already lost his license to practice back in 1982 due to performing unnecessary surgeries. Somehow, he got away with it again for years until Washington’s clients decided to seek litigation. 
Two of Washington’s clients came on the show today to give their accounts of how they thought Dr. Perwaiz was trustworthy, considering he had been their family doctor for decades. Since the case is still in litigation, the names of the women were not disclosed. 
The first patient explained how she’s had trouble carrying children after a portion of her cervix was removed by Dr. Perwaiz. She’s suffered three miscarriages and believes his malpractice is to blame. In addition to this, her unfortunate situation has inspired her family members to seek second opinions on the cancer diagnoses and hysterectomies that Dr. Perwaiz has performed on them.
Patient #2 shared that Dr. Perwaiz had birthed some of her family members as far back as the 80’s, so when he told her that she had fibroids that needed to be removed immediately she trusted his judgment. After Dr. Perwaiz performed the surgery on this woman, she came within an inch of death as she began bleeding profusely. Her blood count got down to a 3 when it’s supposed to be around a 13. Eventually, the FBI stepped in and told her to cancel another surgery she had scheduled as they had been investigating additional claims into Dr. Perwaiz’s unnecessary surgeries. 
Attorney Washington believes that Perwaiz’s dealings were all for financial gain, citing that the doctor owned multiple Bentley’s and other luxury cars, gold, jewelry and millions of dollars worth of art. Not only had Perwaiz conned his patients, but he was committing fraud against the federal government to collect insurance payments. 
Perwaiz was arrested on Nov. 8, 2019 and charged on one count each of health-care fraud and making false statements relating to health-care matters. He was denied bond in a hearing on Nov. 14 and remains in custody at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail.


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