The Closet Ratchet

The Entire Russian Government Resigns As President Vladimir Putin Makes Moves To Extend His Power After Current Term Ends In 2024

Written by: Taylor Elom

    Vladimir Putin has made yet another attempt to remain the most powerful man in Russia.

    In 2024, Putin will be required to step down from his position in the Kremlin, but he may have found away to get around that statute.  Putin already heads the State Council, the same council that is seeking constitutional legitimacy as another arm of the executive branch in Russia.
    He is seeking to hand down constitutional changes that would limit the power of his successor and give the State Council more power. This allows Putin to remain the chief decision maker in the nation while limiting the powers of the prime minister and president. Putin plans to take his council and his proposed constitutional changes to a vote before the summer.
    With this news breaking, another pivotal decision was made. Long time ally and Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, stepped down. This is evidence of a political shift and an even more unstable Russia despite what Putin attempts to show the rest of the world. It shows a politically unstable state that is already plagued economic issue so to increased sanctions on the nation.
    Medvedev was the longest serving Prime Minister since the nation was known as the Soviet Union. His exit marks a pivotal point in Russian and international politics. 
    Do you think Putin will succeed in his ploy to remain the most powerful man in Russia? If so, what does this mean for US/Russia relations? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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