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Raw Dehydrated Sea Moss

Raw Dehydrated Sea Moss

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Sea moss has 92 out of the 102 vitamins and minerals found in our bodies so it’s great for replenishing your body! This superfood is also great for boosting upper respiratory health, supports weight loss, suppressed appetite and removes mucous from the body.

My wild crafted sea moss comes from St. Lucia! Since this island lies on top of a volcano, the sea moss is more nutrient dense and I know that you guys will enjoy the quality!


Raw, dehydrated sea moss does not require refrigeration, but it also won’t hurt!

How To Prepare:

1.) Measure out the amount you’ll be using and rinse all of the salt off.

2.) Place rinsed moss into a large bowl and completely cover the moss with water (spring, distilled, purified is fine).

3.) Soak moss overnight 

4.) Rinse moss off one more time to ensure salt and everything is off and you’re done!

**If you’re making sea moss gel, you may use the water you soaked your moss in for blending if it isn’t too salty for you.



Wild Crafted Sea Moss (St. Lucia)

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